High Performance Home Builder Testimonials

Kathy C., Unity Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Beaverton, Oregon

The whole team was amazing!  Every person I worked with went the extra mile.  Some people never want to see their contractor again at the end of a project….I’d like to stay friends!  It was a nice relationship from start to finish with no unexpected costs or project delays.

Suzan O., West Valley Estate

Willamina, Oregon

I’ve heard people talk about nightmares designing a house, but it was just fun for me.  If you have the wrong contractor, it can be a nightmare.  Winsome really works to do what is right.  There will always be things that come up on a custom build.  When Winsome knew something wasn’t up to the standard it should be, they made it right, even if we were fine with it.  That made it much more pleasurable, because we had confidence in our builder.  We could be transparent, share information and come up with solutions that made sense to both sides.

Neal & Clara, Stonehaven Townhome

McMinnville, Oregon

Winsome Construction masterfully blends aesthetics, functionality, and ecological integrity to create truly heartwarming dwellings. In an age of cutting corners and shabby construction, they refuse to succumb to the zeitgeist and instead choose to passionately pioneer a modern return to true craftsmanship. They build homes that they themselves would want to live in. We are completely delighted with our townhouse.

Tom & Joyce Z., Salem Stonework Villa

Salem, Oregon

On the whole, we have been very pleased with almost everything.  Like any project, things can take unexpected turns and we really appreciated the care that Winsome took in making things right every single time.  I think that is the most important part.  Not that it is perfect, but that you leave the customer satisfied.  We are just so happy with the final product.

Jim & Nancy S., Stone Praire Custom Home

McMinnville, Oregon

We have been in our new house for a week. Every evening we talk about how much we love the house. We love the front patio for dining and the back patio is great for hanging out with our Yellow Lab. It’s funny, when you buy a house you never really know how it feels to live there. We feel blessed that the house was available at the right time for us. We love the quiet neighborhood and the farm behind the house. Your vision really fits our needs much better at this point in our lives than what we thought we wanted/needed. It’s funny how that happens sometimes.

I could go on but in closing, I wanted to share our happiness with you. All the best and thanks again.

B & J, Horizon Hobbyist Custom Home

McMinnville, Oregon

From the beginning of this project, your vision charted a course to a more beautiful home than we had imagined possible. This well-built, spectacular house where we will enjoy our retirement is due to your leadership and inspiration. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough…

Chris U., Stonehaven Townhome

Danville, California

Winsome Construction did a great job on our townhouse near downtown McMinnville. The construction quality is amazing. We love our Insulated Concrete Form home. It is so comfortable during hot summer days even without air conditioning. It really holds the cool evening air and is great all day long. Similarly in the winter, the hydronically heated floors are very comfortable. The Winsome folks are really interested in sustainable, high-quality building materials. They also love wood and really do a great job helping with material selection and design issues. They were great to work with. I was also impressed at how smoothly the construction process went. The house went together quickly with almost no delays. The building came in almost exactly on budget. Shan is an experienced and skilled contractor who really cares about his work and knows what he is doing.

Michelle B.

Amity, Oregon

We have worked with numerous contractors and found Winsome Construction to be unique in its ability to deliver services on-time and on-budget, with a caring, skilled and professional approach. Our Winsome Construction building experience was truly stress-free and exceeded all of our best expectations.

Doris & Michael C., Retirement Retreat Custom Home

Amity, Oregon

Just wanted you to know that each day I appreciate this house more and more. Thank you for your building expertise and guidance. We are very blessed to own this beautiful house thanks to you.

Joe & Ulista H., Hopewell Home Rebuild

Hopewell, Oregon

Shan & company built a house for us from scratch last year. We’re entirely pleased. He started with my wife’s sketches, then to the draftsman for several permutations, and the house is exactly what we wanted. Shan did add some great ideas to my wife’s plans.

I was apprehensive about the “cost-plus” pricing structure but I must admit that Shan’s estimates were extraordinarily accurate. Plus, Shan is cost-conscious and had lots of good suggestions to keep costs reasonable. Shan is a “green” builder, that’s for sure.

The workmanship is fine, and if you want to see it, come on over. Caution: we have not installed landscaping yet.