• Open House EVERY Saturday This Summer – Only ONE Townhome Left!

    Sun, summer, sandals and SEAWATCH!  Headed to the beach this summer?  After enjoying the morning at Cape Kiwanda or Bob Straub State Park, head on over to Pacific Seawatch for a tour of our LAST townhome on ANY Saturday this summer from 1 PM – 4 PM.

    Marvel at the gorgeous finishes.  Savor the UNOBSTRUCTED views.  Explore the community amenities.  The sheltered sun deck, heated indoor pool, fitness center and 9-hole putting course could be yours to enjoy this summer and the whole year through!

    TWO of our amazing townhomes have sold; only ONE home remains for sale!  Discover the best of living at the Oregon coast starting TOMORROW, Saturday, June 24th from 1 PM – 4 PM.  We can’t wait to see you at our Open House Celebration!


  • Hawaii ICF Project Update

    ICF Hawaii Job (17)Over the course of the last few months, Winsome has been operating as a consultant and sub-contractor for an ICF project in Hawaii.  Located in the green, rolling hills of Waimea, this 4,061 square foot custom home has been the recipient of our team’s extensive knowledge regarding the correct implementation of ICFs.

    Bob Shipley, Winsome’s seasoned ICF subcontractor and advisor, recently returned from a second visit to the remote job.  Bob ensured that the walls were properly braced and installed required reinforcements before giving the green light to fill the forms with concrete. Even with the bracing, forms need to be filled at an appropriate rate based on manufacturer recommendation to prevent misalignment and blowouts.

    This visit completes Winsome’s portion of the Hawaii project and leaves the home with high-performing walls that are structurally sound, insulated, strapped and have a vapor barrier.  We are glad we were able to share our expertise and successfully guide the project to the next phase of construction.

    Click here to discover more about our Hawaii ICF project or contact us at 503-472-7402 to have Winsome build your next ICF home.

  • Townhouse Open House at the Oregon Coast: Saturday, June 10th, 2017

    There’s still time to purchase your dream home at the North Oregon coast.  Come explore the UNOBSTRUCTED views that could be yours to enjoy this summer and the whole year through!  Summer has never been better with the amenities offered by the Pacific Seawatch community – sheltered sun deck, heated indoor pool, fitness center and 9-hole putting course, all with stunning ocean views and minutes from the Cape Kiwanda shoreline.  You don’t want to let this one get away!!

    Come tour our two remaining townhomes on Saturday, June 10th from 12 PM – 4 PM.


  • Winsome Applies ICF Construction Expertise in Hawaii

    ICF Hawaii Job (13)Winsome Construction is known for its ICF construction expertise in the Pacific Northwest.  When architect Nathan Good had clients Bill and Jewel Carnett express interest in building an ICF home in Hawaii, Nathan pointed the Carnetts to Winsome Construction.

    While Winsome does employ advanced building technologies throughout Portland, Salem, the Willamette Valley and the North Oregon Coast, our schedule was unable to accommodate a custom home in Hawaii.  This left Bill, the homeowner, to search for general contractors with ICF experience on the Big Island, but to no avail.

    Given the short supply of ICF expertise, we agreed to partner with the Carnetts in a consulting and ICF sub-contractor role.  We advised Bill to find a general contractor in Hawaii he felt comfortable with, which led him to Shilling Construction.  We agreed with Doug Shilling to manage the acquisition and shipment of ICF materials from Oregon to Hawaii as well as provide expertise and assistance in the stacking and pouring of the ICF portion of the home.

    The design and planning of this remote project has taken considerable time.  However, Doug and his team have finished pouring the footings and the ICF block we loaded in shipping containers arrived early May.  Last week, Shan Stassens, Winsome’s president and seasoned ICF expert, and Bob Shipley, Winsome’s long time ICF subcontractor and advisor, were on site to get the block stacking off to a good start.

    In a few weeks there will be a return trip for a final inspection of the stacked walls before the concrete is poured. Electrical conduits, some plumbing runs, form bracing and other details all need to be perfect before committing to concrete.

    Winsome is happy we were able to apply our ICF expertise to get this beautiful, 4,061 square foot home started in Hawaii for Bill and Jewel.  The extensive benefits of an ICF home will serve them well as they enjoy retirement in Waimea, the largest town in the interior of the Big Island.  Because of the ICF walls, the Carnetts will benefit from consistent indoor temperatures, have no cavity walls for mold or mildew in the warm climate as well as have a physical barrier from termites, which are a common problem in Hawaii.  The lack of wood also safeguards the possibility for dry rot and gives the Carnett’s home increased safety against hurricanes and other natural forces.  The following video is a powerful example of how ICF wall construction provides 5 to 10 times the racking resistance of conventional wood-frame walls in regards to wind, water and earth pressure.  The family in the video stayed in the concrete home next door while they watched Hurricane Sandy dismantle their own home.

    Video: Concrete Home Withstands Hurricane

    We look forward to monitoring the progress of the Carnett’s home over the coming months and hope to get back to Hawaii to see the completed project.  To learn more about having Winsome build your next ICF home, please contact us at 503-472-7402.

  • Winsome Explores Kitchen Technologies at CA Design Center

    Bosch Kitchens (2)Two of our Winsome team members, Wendy and Jennifer, recently traveled to the BSH Experience & Design Center as part of Winsome’s ongoing commitment to high performance construction and cutting edge technologies.  Located in Irvine, CA, the Center is designed to “inspire homemakers, designers, builders and home chefs on options for beautiful new kitchen designs” as well as educate them on the quality and performance of the Center’s innovative product lines.

    Winsome was introduced to three revolutionary brands: Bosch, Thermador and Gaggenau, and then invited to see why the Center declares them “among the most prestigious portfolio of appliances in the industry.”  Wendy and Jennifer got to test the different products in an interactive cooking session where they cooked their own lunches using various Thermador products.  They also performed numerous tests in a test kitchen, comparing results between Thermador, Viking, Wolf and Monogram products.  For example, while melting chocolate on the lowest temperature for a number of hours, Viking and Wolf ended up completely burnt while Monogram was lumpy.  Thermador was the only range that created a beautiful, creamy melted chocolate due to its setting that turns the flame on and off and can be left on for hours.  While cooking burgers on the grill, Thermador burgers were all evenly cooked no matter where they were on the built in skillet, whereas Wolf, Monogram and Viking were well done in the middle of the skillet and still red for the outer burgers.  A similar result regarding uneven heating was found when cooking toast under the broiler, except that Monogram proved to be an equivalent rival for this test.  Rather than uncooked edges and charred centers like Viking and Wolf, both Monogram and Thermador produced an even result over the entire pan of toast.  One other test, time to boil water, ended in a tie between Viking and Thermador.  Though the time frame was the same, Thermador used far fewer BTUs than Viking, harnessing its patented star burner technology for a more efficient result.  It was fascinating for our team to see the innovation in action and the superior differences in performance in an authentic test environment.

    Technologies & appliances we found noteworthy:
    • Steam Convection Oven: Steam convection cooking prepares dishes that are moist on the inside and crisp on the outside as well as maintains the color and nutritional value of vegetables.
    • Induction Cooking: Induction slide-in ranges offer consistent element temperature settings for more precise cooking results. Faster than gas and electric, induction cooktops are easier to clean and more efficient, boiling water 2x as fast as conventional electric cooktops.
    • Exclusive Star Burner: The patented Star Burner creates a perimeter 56% longer than a round burner of the same size, allowing for more ports and better flame distribution.  Ranges utilizing this technology have an “ExtraLow feature,” turning the Star Burner on and off to maintain temperatures as low as 100◦.

    Wendy and Jennifer left the BSH Experience & Design Center impressed not only with the innovation, but also the level of civic responsibility that has been instilled in this company.  Founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch, BSH’s 130 year identity has been as much about giving and trust as it has been about remarkable technology.  Created as a non-profit with a special ownership structure, nearly all of the profits distributed to shareholders are devoted to humanitarian causes.

    If you are interested in learning how you can incorporate these technologies into your next luxury kitchen, please contact us at 503-472-7402.  We have the expertise to turn your kitchen aspirations into reality!

  • Crowds Enjoy Views, Eagles & Tours at Townhome Open Houses

    Townhouse Promo Images (2)We had a steady stream of people filter through our townhome Open Houses the weekend of April 8th and 9th, despite on and off wind, rain and even hail.  We had many impressive displays of sun that burst through the clouds and showed off the spectacular river, ocean, and Haystack Rock views.  We even had bald eagles that gave our guests stunning aerial performances in front of the picturesque backdrop throughout the two days.  One of the guests even inquired how we were able to train the eagles to give such an impressive display right at the opportune time.

    The two houses that we toured were on lots 62 and 64, as 63 had subcontractors working on sheetrock.  Townhome 64 had open studs that showed the insulation and interior wiring, whereas 62 has been sheetrocked and has cabinets partially installed.  Guests used 11×17 floorplans to orient themselves to each home’s layout, as well as took the plans for further review at home.  Although 62 is already sold, it provided a great visual of the cabinetry, particularly since all three units share the same cabinets.  Final exterior doors for 64, as well as samples of other finishes were also on display.

    Our guests included curious neighbors, realtors, potential buyers and clients who were interested in custom builds.  In addition to interest in the townhomes, we also had people engage with lot 3 and lot 22, our other Pacific Seawatch properties with build to suit options.  One particular guest was captivated by 64, noting that she preferred the vantage of the river and Bob Straub State Park over the ocean and Haystack Rock view.  Regardless of preference, however, the unobstructed views were adored by all, first and foremost.  To that end, visitors liked the tubs with the sliding barn doors, allowing an ocean view from the bath.  Other noted features included the floorplans, extensive natural light through large, well placed windows, abundant storage, casement windows to allow for cross ventilation, the beams and vaulted ceilings, and extensive decks with privacy.

    In addition, people loved the Pacific Seawatch community and the rich benefit of the top quality clubhouse, available only for residents.  Many said that there is nothing like this community on the coast!  We would love to answer further questions about any of our Pacific Seawatch lots: 3, 22, 63 & 64.  Please don’t hesitate to call us at: 503.472.7402.

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