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Shan Stassens, a partner of Winsome Construction, has been part of the Oregon construction industry for decades.  His wealth of construction experience brings the promise of exceptional quality to our Portland custom homes.

Construction and real estate were a natural part of Shan’s family culture as he grew up in a family of craftsmen and realtors; his family espoused core values like the conservation of resources, the importance of quality work, and the efficient use of materials. Shan became a licensed contractor in 1990 after 5 years of learning his craft and began employing his experiences with his own specialty contracting business. After years of being a carpenter, he branched out into remodeling and renovation work before focusing on new construction projects.

This rich history is the foundation upon which we build our architecturally grand and luxurious Portland custom homes today. We build a sense of place, thoughtfully blending correct structure, comfort, and rich beauty.  Our luxury, high-performance structures are custom tailored to each client’s way of life and created to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Our wide breadth of knowledge will set your Portland custom home above the rest.  Schedule a consultation at 503-472-7402.

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