Oregon Timber Frame Homes

Oregon Timber Frame Homes: Timber Framing

Winsome Construction builds Oregon timber frame homes in partnership with Woodhouse, one of the largest timber frame manufacturers in the nation.  Since 1979, Woodhouse has had a role in almost 1,000 residential and commercial properties across the U.S. and around the world.  This rich, Woodhouse heritage, combined with Winsome’s history as a third generation residential custom home builder, is the foundation from which we build exquisitely crafted Oregon timber frame homes.

The Art of a Custom Timber Frame

Timber framing is a traditional method of building construction, utilizing heavy timbers to frame the structure rather than slender dimensional lumber (such as 2x4s or 2x8s). The walls of the structure are almost always positioned on the outside of the timber frame, leaving the timbers exposed for a beautiful visual effect.

The custom timber frame is further set apart by its unique joinery. Instead of using closely spaced dimensional lumber that is butt-joined and nailed together, the custom timber frame uses large timbers that are squared-off and spaced further apart. These heavy timbers are carefully fitted and joined together with mortises and tenons, then secured with wooden pegs.

Because heavy timbers give so much strength to the frame structure, timber framed homes don’t require load-bearing walls through the middle of the home.  This creates remarkable design opportunity, opening doors for grandiose floor plans that showcase stunning exposed timbers.  In addition to the beauty and design versatility, custom timber frames enjoy a durability that is unmatched by conventional stick built homes.  Timber frames provide the kind of structural integrity that will last for hundreds of years.

Dreaming of an Oregon Timber Frame Home?

From outdoor activities to beautiful scenery, Oregon has everything you need to build your dream timber frame home.  Just think of the custom timber frame you could enjoy in PortlandSalem, Bend, the Willamette Valley or the North Oregon Coast!  Find the design that is right for you in Woodhouse’s extensive library of timber frame home plans or explore one of the modern designs below.

Since timbers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, Oregon timber frame homes can be any style, from casual to mountain to Victorian or any style in between. No matter what bold design statement you choose, Winsome has decades of building expertise to create the work of art that you’ve been dreaming of.  Call us at 503-472-7402.

Imagine the possibilities as you view this walk-through of a finished Woodhouse timber frame home.

Custom Timber Frame