Winsome Construction is an experienced high-performance home builder providing custom residential construction in Oregon and specializing in Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) buildings. Winsome is a family-owned and operated construction company and a third-generation Oregon builder serving Portland, the Willamette Valley, North Oregon Coast, Central Oregon, and Bend. The company has offices in both Bend and Lake Oswego, located in the Old Mill District and Bridgeport Village, respectively.

The company name speaks to Winsome’s desire to build top-quality homes that thoughtfully blend correct structure, comfort, and rich beauty. The word winsome was formed from “wynn,” the Old English word for “joy” or “pleasure.”  Things that are considered winsome are those that are attractive, charming, and delightful.  With a sense of great joy for the trade, Winsome passionately pursues the creation of custom luxury homes that are truly “winsome.”

It would be a great pleasure to build your next residential custom home.  Contact the Winsome team at 503-472-7402.

Shan Stassens


Building, carpentry, construction and real estate were part of Shan’s family culture as he grew up in a family of craftsman. His grandfather started a construction company in the Portland Metro area back in the 1940’s that grew into a very large company. His father entered the carpentry union in 1960 and was an accomplished carpenter and builder as well. Although not “green” by a modern definition, his family espoused core values like conservation of resources, the importance of quality work and efficient use of materials. Shan became a licensed contractor in 1990 after 5 years of learning his craft. Shan feels that high performance construction demands a higher level of responsibility from him as a builder. His goal is to complete a project that fits a client’s needs and budget, and takes into account a broader spectrum of impacts – like the indoor air quality of a home and the impact on the immediate environment. He also enjoys the synergy created when the team of Owner, Architect and Builder are able to work collaboratively on projects. As part of our commitment to accountability, Shan is an active member of the Portland chapter of the Homebuilder’s Association as well as a member of the NAHB 20 club program. In his time off, Shan enjoys spending time with his family, starting (usually not finishing) home improvement projects and gardening. He also enjoys coaching youth basketball and playing golf.


Wendy Stassens


Wendy is a partner and co-founder of Winsome Construction. She wears multiple hats within the community as well; she is a real estate broker with Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty and Central Oregon Association of Realtors. While working for world-renowned green architect Will McDonough at the University of Virginia where she attended, Wendy was introduced to the ideas of sustainable design in communities and buildings. She taught Environmental Engineering at a university in Mexico, worked with The Natural Step Network of Oregon, and was the Sustainability Coordinator at Ashforth Pacific, a corporate real estate and construction company located in Portland. Her degrees in Environmental Science and varied work background give Wendy a breadth of understanding of green practices, technologies and design not often present in a small construction company. When Wendy is not working with her business or the city she loves trying to keep up with her 13 and 17 year olds, gardening with her husband, perusing the local farmer’s markets, traveling with her family to new and interesting places, running, or trying to strike that perfect yoga pose.

Richie Faubert

Partner, CFO

Richie Faubert joins Winsome Construction following a 40-year career in high technology, from design engineer to CEO of a company focused on advanced LED’s and Solar Cell technology. His experience includes building everything from computers and solar cells to his own custom homes. Now semi-retired, Richie serves on corporate boards and is happy to work alongside his daughter, Wendy, and son-in-law, Shan. Winsome Construction benefits from Richie’s knowledge of clean technologies and organizational development as the company takes on additional commercial construction projects.

Nick Zollman

Project Manager, Bend

In his tenth year as a construction manager in Bend, Nick continues to produce some of the highest quality products in the area. Nick’s passion for Oregon custom home building and focus on building science make him an essential resource for his clients and a proud member of the Winsome Team. Nick and his team are ready to make your dream home a reality.

Emily Rue

Interior Designer, Design Coordinator

& Client Experience Specialist

Emily guides clients through the interior design process as well as being an integral member of the construction team. She turns the potentially painful decision-making process into joyful creation, a Winsome core value. Elements such as tile, paint colors, plumbing fixtures, and lighting are selected with confidence. Furthermore, she ensures the materials arrive on schedule for installation. Managing the detail to the end, she’s onsite to provide a watchful eye to uphold the client’s vision during install. Herringbone or Chevron anyone?


Kevin Wiebold

Site Superintendent

Kevin is a site superintendent coordinating subcontractors, budgets, and materials. He has a Master Builder certificate and has worked in residential construction and custom home building since 1992. Kevin says that what he loves most about his job is seeing the finished product of the homes he helped build.

A native Oregonian, Kevin loves hunting, fishing, and basketball.

Shawn Helm

Project Manager, Lake Oswego


Rob Wood

Project Manager, Lake Oswego

Rob brings over six years of homebuilding experience and an additional 22 years of project management and leadership developed through military service to the Winsome team. His dedication to quality and mission accomplishment help our clients fulfill their dream of a high-performance luxury home, built the Winsome way. When not working with Clients, Contractors, and the Winsome team, Rob enjoys spending time with his wife and 4 children. Go Ducks!

Jada Porter

Marketing Coordinator,

HR and Traction Assistant,

and Bend Office Coordinator,



Mike Barnett

Site Superintendent, Bend

David Sullivan

Site Superintendent, Bend

Andrea Adamson

Bookkeeper/Office Manager/HR Administrator

Lake Oswego


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Winsome Construction is a third generation Oregon home builder

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