Our Core Values

What Our Values Mean to Us:

Winsome’s Core Values are our business compass. They remind us who we are as a custom home builder and help ensure we run our business according to these values. Strong core values help us make decisions, and we can always refer back to them when we have a question. However, perhaps most importantly, they help our clients know who they are doing business with—have confidence and trust we do what is right. Our clients can count on us to work under these guiding values. If you choose Winsome Construction to build your dream home, know that you will also be choosing:

#1 Joyful Creation: 

We build exceptional homes in an environment motivated by the joy of working through the excitement and challenges of the experience. An exceptional home is built to be beautiful and crafted with sensitivity to the environmental impact on future generations. 

#2 Excellence: 

We choose to follow our passion with discipline, humble confidence and perseverance.  We believe our pursuit of excellence can truly make a difference for our clients, employees, and community.

#3 Trust Through Accountability:

We strive for our thoughts, communication and actions to be genuine and complete; by holding ourselves accountable as individuals and as a team.  This integrity builds trust in each other and enables a common, clear vision. 

#4 Authentic Collaboration with Positive People:

Constructive creative tension is a part of any process in which the goal is to create exceptional results.  We strive for all stakeholders in our projects to work together to create a positive, collaborative working environment, even in challenging situations.

#5  Continuous Improvement:

We enjoy the learning process and are committed to growing our knowledge, skill and expertise.  We believe process discipline combined with an innovative spirit are foundational principles necessary to achieve our desired outcomes. 

“If you don’t stick to your values when they are being tested,

they’re not values, they’re hobbies.”

—Jon Stewart