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Winsome Construction takes pride in our commitment to quality craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability. For years, we have been at the forefront of ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) construction in Oregon, setting the standard for excellence in building techniques and customer satisfaction. Having completed over 25 custom ICF homes, Winsome is a top ICF builder in Oregon. Call us today to talk about building your custom ICF home.

Our ICF Construction Expertise

  • We employ an experienced, professional ICF construction installation crew
  • Experience properly ventilating homes with insulated concrete form construction
  • Specialty design assistance with ICF construction in mind
  • Experience integrating radiant heating into insulated concrete form construction





ICF Construction
ICF Construction

The many benefits of ICF construction


Insulated concrete forms are made of non-toxic materials and do not produce any off-gassing of materials.  There are no cavity walls for mold, mildew, bugs or rodents nor any air infiltration allowing dust or allergens to enter the home.

Energy Efficiency

Insulated concrete form construction provides an inherently high level of thermal resistance with high performance R-values, no air infiltration and lower cost to heat and cool. Winsome clients who track their energy use report that the cost to heat and cool is half that of a standard stick frame home.


Comforts of an ICF construction home include noise control, peace of mind during inclement weather events and low maintenance for the structure. Insulated concrete forms enhance steady temperatures and may also attribute to lower insurance costs.


ICF homes have increased impact resistance, compressive strength, bending strength (bending loads from wind, seismic, flood water & earth pressure), and racking strength (lateral/side pressure) loads created by wind and earthquakes. The racking strength of ICF walls prevent the building from collapsing or being pushed over by wind or earthquake forces. In general, ICF wall construction provides 5 to 10 times the racking resistance of conventional wood-frame walls.

Fire resistance

Concrete walls have superior fire resistance in comparison to most other building materials. Solid concrete ICF walls can generally sustain as much as four hours of extreme fire exposure (as reported at www.rwsinc.com), whereas typical wood-frame walls in houses generally do not exceed a one-hour fire rating.


Concrete used in ICF construction walls is further protected from moisture and other environmental factors. While wood is similarly protected within the walls of a home, it is susceptible to rot in areas where water often penetrates the exterior weather-resistant barrier of a home, or in hot/humid climates.


Building with insulated concrete form construction can cost 4-9% more than a traditional “stick” built home. One must weigh cost/benefits according to your priorities and budget. We would be happy to break down the costs comparing ICF construction and advanced framing for your specific custom job to help you decide which is best for you.

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Interested in other high-performance practices?  Explore all the sustainable building techniques and technologies we employ.  Winsome Construction is a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council and is Energy Star and Earth Advantage certified.

“We love our Insulated Concrete Form home. It is so comfortable during hot summer days even without air conditioning. It really holds the cool evening air and is great all day long. Similarly in the winter, the hydronically heated floors are very comfortable. Shan is an experienced and skilled contractor who really cares about his work and knows what he is doing.”

Chris U.
Danville, California

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