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Winsome Construction is an Oregon based commercial construction company with a wide breadth of experience in varied aspects of high performance building and construction. We are an Energy Star and Earth Advantage certified builder with over a dozen accredited projects serving Portland, Salem, the Willamette Valley and the North Oregon Coast. Our commercial portfolio includes vineyard and winery, industrial creamery and remodel of an educational facility. We approach both large and small commercial projects committed to advanced building technologies, practices and custom designs.

Being smaller and leaner than many of our Portland and Salem commercial competitors enables us to compete aggressively on price, yet we have the experience and level of professionalism required of a top flight Oregon commercial construction company.  We have high standards for our construction quality and finish work, and a high level of attention and communication with our clients throughout projects. As most of our projects are architecturally designed, we have extensive experience collaborating with architects and designers.

Efficient Use of Natural Resources

Winsome focuses on the efficient use of natural resources in projects with the use of FSC Certified, Reclaimed and Recycled materials, job site waste recycling, home deconstruction & reclamation of materials when appropriate, and built-in home recycling systems. Our structures are tight and efficient utilizing high quality materials and superior construction methods to ensure that they will serve their inhabitants well for generations.

Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Winsome also focuses on ensuring healthy indoor air quality by using low VOC and non toxic materials, such as wood, stone, ceramic and wool.  Incorporating radon, mold and mildew mitigation practices ensures that the building is not creating poor indoor air quality.  Heat Recovery Ventilators in the homes provide whole house ventilation to mitigate off gassing and ensure a healthy level of fresh air exchange.

Energy Efficiency

Winsome emphasizes energy conservation & efficiency both in the construction and the continued functioning of the structure over its lifetime.  Standard techniques and technologies include spray foam insulation, super insulated floors & ceilings, low E glazed windows, energy star appliances & fixtures, Compaq fluorescent and LED lights, radiant floor heatingheat pumps, zone heating, solar water panels & more.


Winsome Construction is a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council with building projects being certified by LEED for Homes. We are a Energy Star and Earth Advantage certified builder with seven accredited projects, six hitting the gold status. We are members of the following local & national professional organizations:


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LEED and the related logo is a trademark owned by the U.S. Green Building Council and is used with permission.








Commercial Construction Projects

“The whole team was amazing!  Every person I worked with went the extra mile.  Some people never want to see their contractor again at the end of a project….I’d like to stay friends!  It was a nice relationship from start to finish with no unexpected costs or project delays.”

Kathy C.
Beaverton, Oregon

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