West Valley Couple Enjoys Top Quality “Retreat” Home

January 24, 2017

Building a Willamette Valley custom home had never been one of Greg and Suzan Ott’s dreams.  Not even on their list.  But then a friend who owned property in the hilltops of Yamhill County’s West Valley made the Ott’s an offer they couldn’t resist.  Suddenly they had a new to-do list.  A second friend connected them with Winsome and the process of building what Suzan now calls her “daily retreat” began.

Since both Greg and Suzan share a passion for education and the arts, it’s no surprise that Suzan notes the best part of their building experience as the actual creation.  Suzan greatly enjoyed “creating something newWest Valley View-38 and beautiful.”  Part of the fun for her was creating it, even if they had never moved in!  She went on to say, “I’ve heard people talk about nightmares designing a house, but it was just fun for me.  If you have the wrong contractor, it can be a nightmare.  Winsome really works to do what is right.  There will always be things that come up on a custom build.  When Winsome knew something wasn’t up to the standard it should be, they made it right, even if we were fine with it.  That made it much more pleasurable, because we had confidence in our builder.  We could be transparent, share information and come up with solutions that made sense to both sides.”

West Valley View-54That collaborative partnership enabled a seamless transition from house construction to top quality retreat level home.  Completed in 2016, the Ott’s three level, retirement home features an open floor plan with rustic white Oak hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings and gorgeous beams.  Large, triple glazed vinyl windows fill the space with natural light and give the Otts ample opportunity to take in the panoramic views they adore.  The stone fireplace with reclaimed Douglas Fir timber mantle and forged iron hardware adds both beauty and warmth to the main living area.  Suzan’s harp balcony is yet another peaceful, personal touch.  These house favorites, among others, invoke feelings of an upscale getaway for the Otts.  Suzan concluded, “I feel so content being home.  It’s beautiful.  Comfortable.  I really do feel like I’m at a retreat every day!”

Additional features and finishes of the Ott’s 4,500 square foot home can be found at West Valley Estate.

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