Completed ICF Custom Home in Historic West Linn

January 2, 2017

The journey of building a custom home is an exhilarating, yet complex process.  There are countless decisions to be made — needs, wants, design and location, to name just a few.  One of our recently completed homes in West Linn, OR wonderfully illustrates how construction can be personalized in such a way that even contrasting circumstances can come together in complete harmony.  Winsome had the opportunity to blend new construction within a historic neighborhood while still employing modern technologies in the building process.

The home is located in West Linn, OR, a city that is well known, highly regarded and historically rich.  Just 10 miles south of Portland, West Linn was first occupied in the early 1840s and incorporated in 1913.  The city’s population grew steadily in the early years of development but tapered off in recent years, currently registering just under 26,000 people.  Often receiving high rankings for being a top place to live, West Linn is known for its recreation options, close knit community and preservation of its pioneer history.  In fact, the historic Willamette neighborhood boasts of almost 70 unique architectural structures and many heritage trees.  Taking on new residential construction within this designated historic district necessitated implementing an astute design.

Partnering with an award winning firm, Ross Chapin Architects, proved to be an exceptional fit.  Chapin’s outside the box approach enabled our four bedroom home to seamlessly blend with Willamette’s historic homes and maintain the neighborhood’s strong sense of connectivity.  An article on Chapin’s site gives insight to the thought process behind his approach.  “…we always begin outside the box.  What is the larger environment that surrounds us?  What is loveable–in particular–about the street we’re on, or the houses to either side? …  What is not lovable?  …  And then we ask, how might we make the larger better with our smaller action? … These initial questions are the most important efforts we do to ensure a successful project.”

In addition to a thoughtfully crafted design, this three level project also enjoys energy efficient features including an HRV unit, Marvin Integrity windows and an ICF basement.   Insulating concrete forms (or ICFs) are hollow foam blocks stacked into the shape of the exterior walls of the home, reinforced with steel rebar and filled with concrete; resulting in superior R-values.  There are other rich details throughout the home as well, with large skylights for abundant light, a vintage gas stove with reclaimed Myrtlewood mantle,  charming reading nook and a cozy third floor loft with a view of the Stafford Hills.  Beautiful mixed wood finishes are the crescendo, showcasing Birch cabinetry, Oak staircases and hardwood floors, Cedar ceilings and elaborate vertical grain Fir trim and moldings.

We are pleased to see this journey conclude with such a lovely intertwining of unusual parts, leaving the gift of a high quality, well integrated home within a classical neighborhood.  The remaining features and details of this 2,400 square foot build can be found at ICF Home in Historic West Linn.

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