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November 10, 2020

Winsome Construction Welcomes Interior Designer.

Our clients are sophisticated people who chose Winsome Construction to build their Oregon home and to make their dream a reality. Enter Emily Rue, in-house Interior Designer, Design Coordinator & Client Experience Specialist. That’s quite a tall order, but Emily is the perfect fit to fill this critical role on Winsome’s team.

Emily Delivers Added Value to Homeowners and Architects.

With Emily in-house, she guides clients through the interior design process as well as being an integral member of the construction team. She turns the potentially painful decision-making process into joyful creation, a Winsome core value. Elements such as tile, paint colors, plumbing fixtures, and lighting are selected with confidence. Furthermore, she ensures the materials arrive on schedule for installation. Managing the detail to the end, she’s onsite to provide a watchful eye to uphold the client’s vision during install. Herringbone or Chevron anyone?

But if you already have the skills and support, what’s in it for you?

Have no fear, even if you have an Interior Designer already in place, or maybe it’s you? —Emily is still on your team. As an integral member of Winsome Construction, she delivers a holistic experience for all members working together. For example, she keeps Buildertrend, our project management software, current with selections and the timeline making the entire process seamless.  As a part of Winsome’s focus of making the custom-building process a meaningful and joy filled journey, she is also focused on delivering specialized experiences tailored to each of our clients throughout the build. Details to be unveiled, so stay tuned.

The Joyful Creation Process. 

“We chose the name “Winsome” because it means “to create joyfully” in Old English.  We build exceptional homes in an environment motivated by the joy of working through the excitement and challenges of the experience. Having Emily on board allows our clients to break the potentially daunting task of making all of the selections to build their dream custom home down into bite-sized pieces.  She organizes the process and provides guidance and a road map that enables our clients to relax and enjoy the journey of creation that building a custom home offers.  She is a critically important member of our preconstruction and construction team!” — Wendy Stassens.

Problem Solved.

Another critical component that delivers significant value for our clients is Emily’s responsibility to be anticipatory. Should a selection become unavailable, Emily is able to proactively develop a solution for our clients that fits the vision without interruption.

Authentic Collaboration- Living our Core Values.

We deeply value authentic collaboration between our team and our clients.  Our interior designer works collaboratively with our clients and the construction team to make sure that the client’s vision becomes a reality in a smooth, streamlined process.  The close collaboration can make a potentially very complicated process a seamless experience for the client and the team.  

 Stay Tuned.

We are excited to have Emily on board to enhance our ability to manifest Joyful Creation in our building process and products for our clients and our team. To celebrate both, we are launching an educational series of short how-to videos. Emily will cover topics near and dear to her designing heart as well as answer your design questions. To make sure you don’t miss them, sign up for our monthly newsletter and follow us as they will be announced on both! 

If you have a design question, post it to our Facebook page and Emily will respond. Make sure you comment on the Blog, Facebook or Instagram and subscribe to our monthly Builder Newsletter to get detailed education from Shan, video content on design and your questions answered!

About Emily

Prior to joining Winsome Construction, Emily was an interior designer with Airbnb, designed hotel interiors and managed corporate events. Her background has fueled her passion for both hospitality and design. She has a multifaceted skillset that truly delivers a unique value to her clients. She is excited to build your custom Oregon home together with the rest of the Winsome Construction team.


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