Oregon Custom Home Builder Hires Superintendent for Million Dollar Homes

December 15, 2020

There is no doubt that building a custom home is a dream for many people and for our clients, it’s a dream that becomes a reality. Winsome Construction is the top Oregon custom home builder with over 35 years of generational experience. Custom home building is an art form and many components are handmade. Managing the materials, the people, the schedule and the thousands of details that become someone’s dream home is the job that Nick Zollman was born to do.   

Nick has a passion for home building, working with people, and managing all the details.

It is critical that each team member at Winsome Construction is not only passionate but deeply knowledgeable as well.  It is one of the most important and expensive investments in most of our lives.

Modern Style, Big Timber Framing, ICF Construction, and Green Building.

Nick became the most invigorated when talking about working with cutting-edge, advanced building techniques that produce massive energy savings. He likes to see the effect the work they are doing and how the build is having on the lives of the client. Furthermore, Nick described some old-world very manual construction practices that produce some of the best-handcrafted construction such as big timber framing. And some projects actually include both! For example a large Timber Fram home with ICF Construction is not uncommon.  

Breaking Ground on Current Custom Homes in Bend.

Nick and the team have just broken ground this past week on a very energy efficient modern farmhouse. It is being constructed with a 40% improvement over energy code requirements. These energy gains are primarily a result of ICF construction in the foundation, SIPS panels in the frames and specialized equipment throughout. Additionally, Nick will be supervising a 10,000 square foot Timber Frame/ICF project. This large build will use heavy timbers and old-world construction for a stunning, timeless effect.

Oregon Custom Homes in Design Phase Projects.

In the design phase, Winsome has a modern farmhouse, along with another ICF construction home in Brasada Ranch. Winsome has become known for both of these very different, yet stunning types of structures. Stay tuned to our blog and our monthly newsletter to see these projects as they are being built!

Amazing and Unique Bend Neighborhoods.

“Finding a professional like Nick, who fits all of our core values, has been a fantastic experience. We are so glad to have Nick on our team,” says Winsome Construction’s Shan Stassens. “Nick has been working and managing projects in Bend and all over Central Oregon for 10 years. His experience building in luxury neighborhoods such as; Brasada Ranch, The Tree Farm and Pronghorn fits in perfectly with our vision. He has a passion for the art and craftsmanship of fine homebuilding married with the superior performance of smart design and cutting edge building science.”

More About Nick.

In his tenth year as a construction manager in Bend, Nick continues to produce some of the highest quality products in the area. Nick’s passion for Oregon custom home building and focus on building science make him an essential resource for his clients and a proud member of the Winsome Team. Nick and his team are ready to make your dream home a reality.



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