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How do you find luxury at home?

May 8, 2021


I like a nice bath and a glass of wine. But, this isn’t about me.

Because we are a custom home builder, let’s talk about luxury.

Luxury to some people means having time to do what you like and maintaining your schedule. That is a real luxury. To others, it means freedom to travel. And for some people, it might be as simple as having a place to call home. For our clients, luxury can take on a particular standard of living that is original, elegant, and unique, to say the least.

Many homeowners who want to live in a luxurious home may desire a private sanctuary to relax, the best materials and finishes throughout the home so that everything you see and touch feels high quality and custom-built. Some homeowners want a space they have designed to fit them and their wants and needs and perfectly. All the details are artfully crafted, and space emanates with the utmost thoughtful and elegant design. Maybe your dream home has elements that bring you to a place in time, or it is the best darn party home around!  Designed with the flow for family and friends, parties, and seating areas thoughtfully placed around the interior and exterior to let the guests mingle and soak it all in. Everywhere you look, you engage with awe and interest.

What does luxury mean to you as a homeowner?

We have a home finishing up soon that meets anyone’s luxurious standards. It is custom, elegant, and made with the best materials and finishes. Not only does it have dedicated spaces for favorite activities, the best of the best, amenities that are beyond dreams, but it also has hand-crafted details abound so that just walking around feels like you’re in a piece of art.

Homes like these are extremely complex, detailed, and fascinating to build. This European French Country estate demonstrates the beauty and technology that can be created by those who are the best in the world of home construction.

It is undoubtedly a  luxurious masterpiece by anyone’s definition. And it is lost complete, so we can’t wait to unveil it with professional architectural photography coming soon! If you don’t want to miss that, sign up for our newsletter, and you will get to see this home in all its glory very soon.

What does luxury look and feel like in your dream home?

If you would like to talk to us about building your luxury home, reach out!

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