Winsome Construction Home in Salem Magazine Spring 2018

Winsome Home Featured in Salem Magazine

May 18, 2018

A home we collaborated on was just featured in the Spring edition of Salem Magazine.  You can read about how architect Nathan Good and artist April Waters created their sustainable, “forever home” with Winsome Construction.  The article details Nathan’s thoughtful approach in designing a home that harmoniously blends affordability, form, function and zero energy bills. Here is a portion:

A focal point in the main living area is the low-profile sealed woodstove that is a source of energy efficient heat without compromising indoor air quality. The home’s heat recovery ventilator filters and distributes fresh air throughout the home through a series of supply and return tubes. Or, as Nathan refers to them, “The lungs of the home.”Contemporary LEED Platinum Salem Custom Home

Cozy counterpoints to the spacious open floor plan exist where Nathan chose to curve the wall surfaces, softening the space while still allowing for flow, acting as the perfect backdrop to showcase their mutual commitment to using natural materials. “We both love wood and wanted a lot of it,” Nathan explains. “We used many types of local woods; white oak, maple, Douglas fir, and redwood. Our contractor, Shan Stassens of Winsome Construction, worked closely with us to identify wood suppliers that fit our tight budget.”

Discover the specific project features and full photo gallery in our portfolio, Contemporary LEED Platinum Salem Custom Home, or read the full article to learn more.  

Excerpt, “Seeking Prospect & Refuge in the Fairmount Neighborhood,” Salem Magazine – Spring 2018

* Photo credits: Salem Magazine

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