Winsome Applies ICF Construction Expertise in Hawaii

May 16, 2017

Winsome Construction is known for its ICF construction expertise in the Pacific Northwest.  When architect Nathan Good had clients Bill and Jewel Carnett express interest in building an ICF home in Hawaii, Nathan pointed the Carnetts to Winsome Construction.

While Winsome does employ advanced building technologies throughout Portland, Salem, the Willamette Valley and the North Oregon Coast, our schedule was unable to accommodate a custom home in Hawaii.  This left Bill, the homeowner, to search for general contractors with ICF experience on the Big Island, but to no avail.

Given the short supply of ICF expertise, we agreed to partner with the Carnetts in a consulting and ICF sub-contractor role.  We advised Bill to find a general contractor in Hawaii he felt comfortable with, which led him to Shilling Construction.  We agreed with Doug Shilling to manage the acquisition and shipment of ICF materials from Oregon to Hawaii as well as provide expertise and assistance in the stacking and pouring of the ICF portion of the home.

The design and planning of this remote project has taken considerable time.  However, Doug and his team have finished pouring the footings and the ICF block we loaded in shipping containers arrived early May.  Last week, Shan Stassens, Winsome’s president and seasoned ICF expert, and Bob Shipley, Winsome’s long time ICF subcontractor and advisor, were on site to get the block stacking off to a good start.

In a few weeks there will be a return trip for a final inspection of the stacked walls before the concrete is poured. Electrical conduits, some plumbing runs, form bracing and other details all need to be perfect before committing to concrete.

Winsome is happy we were able to apply our ICF expertise to get this beautiful, 4,061 square foot home started in Hawaii for Bill and Jewel.  The extensive benefits of an ICF home will serve them well as they enjoy retirement in Waimea, the largest town in the interior of the Big Island.  Because of the ICF walls, the Carnetts will benefit from consistent indoor temperatures, have no cavity walls for mold or mildew in the warm climate as well as have a physical barrier from termites, which are a common problem in Hawaii.  The lack of wood also safeguards the possibility for dry rot and gives the Carnett’s home increased safety against hurricanes and other natural forces.  The following video is a powerful example of how ICF wall construction provides 5 to 10 times the racking resistance of conventional wood-frame walls in regards to wind, water and earth pressure.  The family in the video stayed in the concrete home next door while they watched Hurricane Sandy dismantle their own home.

Video: Concrete Home Withstands Hurricane

We look forward to monitoring the progress of the Carnett’s home over the coming months and hope to get back to Hawaii to see the completed project.  To learn more about having Winsome build your next ICF home, please contact us at 503-472-7402.