Best Green Products from GreenBuilder 2015 Survey

August 3, 2015

GreenBuilder has released the 2015 best green products used in the residential building industry, voted on by building professionals nationwide.  The graphs below show the results of the builder survey, you may find it interesting to see which brands have the largest market share.

With so many product options and brand choices, we understand that clients may be overwhelmed by the number of decisions to be made in a custom-build. As part of your building experience with Winsome, you will be introduced to the best resources, suppliers, and vendors in the region. We will help you navigate the decisions based on product performance and budget parameters.

Our list of links to materials and vendors we work with routinely.

Winsome Construction is highly experienced in green building technologies.  Call us at 503-472-7402 to discuss building your next high performance home.


Green Lighting and Insulation

Greenest Appliances

Greenest Decking & Flooring


Greenest Hot Water System

Greenest Roofing

Greenest Shelving & Paint

Greenest Siding Products

Greenest Solar Thermal

Greenest Structural Systems

Greenest Ventilation Fans

Greenest Winsoe & Door, Solar


Green Building Influences Green Brand Selections