The iPhone Controlled Home

August 1, 2012
Today we rely so much on our iphones and other smart phones.  Just a few short years ago we had to wait until we got back to the office or home to check our email.  Math was done in our heads or on a piece of paper.  And we lived without Aunt Bertha’s recent tweet that she just got to the grocery store.  The iPhone and the smartphone revolution has changed our world in so many ways.  There are apps to do almost anything you want.  Research and reviews on a particular product are at your fingertips in the store.

Todays home has become the new frontier in the smartphone revolution.  All those things that we never thought were problems in the past have now been solved with our battery powered personal assistants.

Security Digitized

With an enabled security system you can do more than turn your system on and off from your phone.  You can see when your daughter comes home from school or if you left the garage door open by mistake.  Sensors could be put on nearly anything to let you know if anything happens in or around your home, even viewing security camera footage

WiFi Enabled Light Bulb
Insteon has created a light bulb that you can turn on and off from your phone.  The bulb screws into a standard lamp or any other light fixture.  It connects to your home WiFi connection then sends the signal to your iphone.  You can turn the bulb on or off whenever you want or even dim it at a whim.  Turn the porch light on before you get home or make it look like you are home when you are not.  You can even program a series of these bulbs to work together.  Touch a button and have all the lighting change to “Movie” mode or “Working.”

The Digital Sprinkler System

If you are in the market for a new sprinkler system controller you might want to look at CyberRain.  Turn your sprinklers on or off from home or the car.  If an unseasonal hot streak is coming you can give your vegetables some extra water.  The system can even detect problems and alert you to them.

Remotely Control Thermostats

The new thermostat series from Filtrete let you control your homes temperature from your smartphone.  Ever wake up in the middle of the night freezing cold.  But getting out of bed would be just too much work.  If the smartphone is right by your side you can turn up the heat, without pulling back the covers.   The connivence of the iphone makes it easy to set up the system but may affect your utility bill.

Digital Door Locks
Have you ever locked yourself out of the house and need to call your wife to bring you her key?  Now you can just use your phone to unlock the Lockitron door lock.  The app lets you control all the locks you are registered to at home or work.  The door locks can even be operated by text message, simply text your code to a designated number and the door opens.  This would be nice if you need to let plumbers or various people into your home, but don’t want to give out a key.  Simply have them call  you when they are there and unlock the door for them.