September 1, 2010: Using Reclaimed Timbers to Create Lyrical and Efficient Timber Frames

August 6, 2010

WHAT:  Expressing Art and Structure – Using Reclaimed Timbers to Create Lyrical and Efficient Timber Frames.

WHEN:  Wednesday, September 1, 2010 st from 5-7:30 at New Energy Works.

WHERE:  New Energy Timberworks, 2675 NE Orchard Ave., McMinnville, OR

New Energy Works describes timber frames as “furniture to live in.” Timber framing is the method of creating structures utilizing heavy timbers joined via pegged mortise and tenon joints. Timber frames are a perfect compliment of form and function, expressing both art and structure in the elegance of the curves and joinery and the strength of the timbers.  Using reclaimed timbers makes this beloved, timeless craft an environmentally responsible option, as well.

One of the hosts of this event, New Energy Works describe themselves as “builders of fine and sustainable shelter”. Timber framing is their most coveted method. Together, they design and build some of the most lyrical and efficient timber frames in the industry, using reclaimed timbers, environmentally responsible practices, and state-of-the-art technology and software.  Iain Harrison leads the West Coast timber frame team for New Energy Works, which also has a branch in New York.

Shan Stassens with Winsome Homes also hosted the event.  As a third generation builder and a prominent custom Green Builder in Yamhill County, Shan and Winsome as a company have some extensive experience in working with reclaimed wood in projects and in how to integrate timber frames into a home or other structure effectively.

Shan and Iain work together as members of the Green Building Guild of Yamhill County, an association of building professionals dedicated to the promotion of Green Building practices through education and the exchange of experience and information. The Green Building Guild also holds regular events to expand knowledge about Green Building in our County and to help those interested in incorporating Green Building into their work or home projects.