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As a Solar City provider, Winsome Construction has been approved by Solar City to market their product and programs to our home owners. If a house has plenty of south-facing roof area or has an open area on the ground with southern exposure it will qualify for solar. Southern exposure is key. In the case of a roof-mount system we submit drawings to Solar City and they configure a system that fits the roof and provides adequate power for the size of the house. We build into the house certain infrastructure like conduit from attic to electric panel, and certain junction boxes for Solar City to install wiring.  Solar City then installs the actual panels and associated wiring. In the case of a ground mount system, it is basically the same process except that we  build a framework on the ground to accept the panels instead of the roof structure.

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$0 Down – Save Money Every Month

The neat thing about the system is that there is a Zero money down option for the panels. The only out of pocket expense is the electrical rough-in on roof mount systems since you need a roof anyway, and the ground mount structure and conduit for ground systems. The panels are installed free with a contract with solar city to buy the power produced by the panels. The contract locks you in at a certain rate structure over 20 years. The rate will save you money by protecting you from over-paying PGE at current rates, plus your savings grow every year as PGE utility rates increase.

Homes with enough roof space or with a large ground area the system will be sized with the goal of performing at Net Zero, which means the system produces more power than the home consumes. This equals zero utility bills.

Talk with Winsome Construction about saving 20% on your utility bills every month!
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