Mountain Mid-Century Modern

This mid-century modern-inspired custom home draws warmth and inspiration from the timeless Pacific Northwest Valley. This home was built for two sisters that were raised in an architecturally advanced home that their father built himself, at the location of this new-built home. With strong memories of a childhood spent together in the area, they wanted the same for retirement. Winsome demolished the previous house, kept the foundation, and added new sections to it, ensuring livability for both sisters and their families. With windows that gaze into the forest and let in exceptional natural light, and a covered porch, this luxury home was designed to be a natural retreat.

Project Features:

  • Wooden accent wall
  • Recessed fireplace
  • Custom blue backsplash
  • Custom covered deck with a built-in fireplace and lighting
  • Gorgeous wood finishes throughout
  • Expansive windows to enjoy forest views and take advantage of natural light