Cliff’s Edge South Beach House

Hosmer Lake

Under Construction

This luxury Oregon coastal home is strategically designed for durability and elegance. Engineered with steel framing and equipped with hurricane screens, this home ensures longevity against nature’s elements. Its luxurious amenities include motorized pocketing sliding glass doors that enhance the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, and ceiling speakers throughout for immersive sound quality. Crafted with exquisite finishes and high-quality materials with an ocean view, this property is truly luxurious living. Experience unparalleled style and comfort in this state-of-the-art, high-performance Oregon luxury home.

Architect: GSW

Renderings by GSW

Project Features

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 5 Bathrooms
  • Steel Framed
  • Hurricane Screen
  • Motorized Pocketing Sliding Glass Doors
  • Backlit Quartz Backsplash
  • Laundry Chute
  • Solar Power
  • Covered Deck and Terrace
  • Ceiling Speakers
  • Ocean Views

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