New Home Technology: Aquor House Hydrant

April 2, 2018

The coming of spring means many of us will be using more and more of our outdoor faucet systems.  Whether you’re washing away signs of winter or starting to work on your landscaping, Aquor Water Systems boast that they have created the easiest outdoor faucet system you’ll ever use.

What is it?

The Aquor House Hydrant is a low profile, high performance faucet system that offers instant convenience.

Unlike the hassle of threading a garden hose on a brass spigot, Aquor utilizes a patented twist-lock design to provide access to water as soon as the connector is inserted.  Since three grooves guide the connector to the correct position, the connector can be inserted in any direction.  After a simple push and turn, the Aquor House Hydrant is engaged and ready to use.  Just as instantly as it starts, water flow stops as soon as you disconnect.

View a demo of the Aquor House Hydrant

Say Good-bye to Leaks & Drips

The seal in a traditional hose bib is almost always subject to leaks over time.  Though maintenance can prolong the life of a traditional faucet, enough wear and tear will still necessitate replacement of the entire unit.

In contrast, Aquor House Hydrants are built to last with marine-grade steel and heavy-duty food-grade polymers.  Rather than using rubber washers, Aquor uses an O-ring system to ensure watertight connections.  O-rings are suitable for both static and dynamic seals due to their leak-proof sealing abilities, particularly under high pressures.  Aquor’s high performance O-rings have been tested to withstand 10+ years of use.  The wear-resistant connector is equally tough, built to endure tens of thousands of uses.  Once the connector is worn out, only that single part must be replaced, rather than the entire hydrant.

In addition to the high quality design, Aquor uses water pressure itself to keep the valve closed, creating a long lasting, leak and drip free outlet.

Winterizing Made Simple

Not only are Aquor House Hydrants leak free, they are also frost free to -30 degrees F.  While traditional brass hose bibs freeze easily, the stainless steel Aquor insulates plumbing up to 7x better than even brass “frost-free” sillcocks.  That means no more foam covers or needing to drain the outdoor faucet; Aquor self-drains automatically each time you disconnect.

Straight-forward Installation

Because the two-piece Aquor House Hydrant does not require power, connects to any plumbing type and has only one internal moving part, installation is a snap.

This revolutionary system just might be “the world’s most practical and efficient water outlet.”

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