Briar Rose Creamery

March 22, 2012

Winsome Construction is proud to include the Briar Rose Creamery state of the art cheese-making facility and storefront in Dundee, Oregon as part of our family of buildings.  Briar Rose Creamery, owned and operated by Co-Proprietors Sarah Marcus and Jim Hoffman, creates some of Oregon’s most delicious and unique artisan cheeses.  Briar Rose Creamery cheeses are now handmade, still in small batches, in a custom commercial production space, designed and built precisely to their needs by Winsome Construction.

Sarah Marcus, Cheesemaker of Briar Rose Creamery, has as much passion for the environment in which she creates, ages and packages her cheeses as she does for each ounce of cheese.  She is an artist in a studio of stainless steel.  It might sound more appealing to your mental tastebuds to say that Briar Rose Creamery cheeses are homemade, but it’s much more important that the places where cheeses are made and aged are dust-free, draft-free, and kept at precisely the right temperatures, and it doesn’t hurt that the Cheesemaker is happy too.  “I love all of the natural light in the building,” says Sarah.

The building boasts radiant heat flooring and a FabricAir Dispersion System which creates a positive air environment, reducing or eliminating condensation, drafts, dust and other things you don’t want in the cheese making process.  The lightweight fabric ducts are also noiseless and can be removed and washed for maintenance.  The radiant flooring maintains a consistent temperature without sacrificing efficiency.

Sarah says, “the building is designed with the intention that we will be growing.”  If you’ve tasted Briar Rose Creamery cheese then you’ll agree, Sarah and Jim were smart to think ahead when working with Winsome Construction to build.  Their cheeses are so good, there is no doubt as to why they are busy in their new digs and that they will be growing in the near future.

You can find out more about Briar Rose Creamery’s rich, delicate cheeses at  We also invite you to learn more about Winsome’s expertise as an Oregon commercial construction company.