Polyiso Insulation

Polyiso 1Heating and cooling costs comprise more than 44% of energy consumed in a single family home, so installing energy-efficient insulation is one of the most effective ways to save energy and money when building your home.

Polyiso Insulation is a great choice because it has outstanding thermal performance, is cost-effective, and readily available nationwide. A rigid foam insulation used in over 70% of commercial roof construction, Polyiso sheathing insulation offers one of the best values available for residential construction.

Benefits of using Polyiso include:

  • High R-value per inch of thickness
  • Thinner walls and roofs with shorter fasteners
  • Excellent fire test performance
  • Extensive building code approvals
  • Preferred insurance ratings
  • Compatible with most roof and wall systems
  • Polyiso 2Moisture resistance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Compressive strength
  • Cost effective, optimized energy performance
  • Long service life
  • Recyclable through reuse
  • Recycled content (amount varies by product)
  • Regional materials (nationwide production network)
  • Meets new continuous insulation (ci) standards
  • Quality Mark™ certified LTTR-values
  • Low environmental impact
  • Virtually no global warming potential
  • Zero ozone depletion potential

Since the 1970s, studies conducted by the EPA’s Energy Star Homes Program have consistently concluded energy-efficient homes earn higher resale prices than average homes, and are less expensive to heat and cool.

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Polyiso InsulationPolyiso products have received many environmental awards. These include an honorable mention in the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council’s (SBIC) – “Best Practice” Sustainability Awards Program and the U.S. EPA’s Climate Protection Award for the Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association (PIMA) leadership in promoting energy efficiency and climate protection. The EPA also awarded PIMA and its members the Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award for leadership in CFC phase-out in polyiso insulation and in recognition of exceptional contributions to global environmental protection.