New Site Superintendent Joins Winsome Team

December 3, 2019

The Winsome team is excited to welcome Mike Westgard as our new Valley Site Superintendent. With his years of hands on timber framing work, Mike is a true craftsman at heart. He brings an eye for construction quality, details and passion for wood craftsmanship, which is a great match for Winsome’s commitment to superior quality craftsmanship in our Oregon luxury home projects.  

Mike has over 15 years of experience in the trade. He first started to develop his interest in residential custom home building during the 10 years that he spent working in Central Oregon, including running his own framing business. It was through this business that he learned about custom home building and developed a love for the process. 

When he returned with his family to the Willamette Valley, he discovered and fell in love with timber frame work, which became not just a job, but a vocation, passion and life calling. Mike is voracious in his desire to learn more about the subject of crafting with timbers. He is also passionate about sharing his love for crafting with wood through his volunteer work. Mike has spent time teaching kids the craft of timber framing at a local market and volunteers at the Timber Framers Guild as well. 

An ultralight backpacker, he has climbed South Sister (the 3rd largest mountain in Oregon) every year for the last ten years and feels a deep connection with the forest. Mike’s love for the forest carries through in the wood craftsmanship that he brings into custom homes. For him, this is a way to bring the life, warmth and love of the forest into the home to create greater richness and meaning in the lives of the people who will call it home.   

Mike is ready for the next challenge of integrating his love of the process of custom home building and his passion for craftsmanship in his new position as Site Superintendent with Winsome. The Winsome team is thrilled to welcome Mike on board! 

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